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Christophe Pillet Collection

In 2010, Williams Home unveiled the new collection designed by Christophe Pillet for Williams.

Being the first occasion to collaborate with designers outside of the company, through its collaboration with Pillet, WILLIAMS HOME sought to introduce a fresh perspective to design & a  to its range of furniture.

Bringing to the collection the modern French influence for which Pillet is famous, his designs add a new dimension to the range of furniture available at Williams Home.

Reaching out to those who appreciate distinctive design of pure lines, the collection consists of three principal designs.

The Boston Club Design with its generous shape & memory foam components makes a sensationally dreamy space for relaxing.

Trafalgar Design offers a perfect solution for commercial projects. A sophisticated mood-enhancing  design with its shell-like concept & slim elevated appearance.

Airflow Design, aptly named for its free-form interpretation of life’s most needed element, air. 

Egypt Hosts Its First Urban Design Week: +20 Egypt Design

This event was held for the first time, June 3 – 8, 2010. An initiative organized by the Egyptian Furniture Export Council of Egypt in collaboration with Design Partners ® of the famous Zona Tortona, in Milan, it aims to place Egypt on the international design map.

Curated by the distinguished & widely acclaimed Italian designer, Paola Navone, the authentically rich oriental location of El Muiz St, Hussein became the backdrop for this event creating an intriguing juxtaposition between modern & historical.

+20 Egypt Design presented the history of a large international, cultivated and open-minded family, narrated through installations in different rooms of three historical Cairo houses Suhaymi, Kharazati and Mostafa Gaafar in Muiz Street. Products showcased were selected from the best Egyptian design companies, as well as international brands.  Williams’ Marquis® Sofa amongst others were selected for showcasing at the event, receiving accolades from both local & international visitors & members of press.